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Karine Polwart

Karine Polwart is a singer-songwriter based in Scotland and well-respected worldwide.

Karine initially commissioned us to create a CD cover for her 2005 EP, "The Pulling Through EP 2005". Following this, we designed the booklet for her recent full-length album "Scribbled in Chalk", as well as sleeves for several singles from the album.

We recently created a brand new website for Karine and associated promotional materials, including magazine adverts and posters for the album and accompanying tour.

Karine said, "As a songwriter and musician, my website is both a shop window front for the curious passerby and the most important way in which I keep in touch with existing fans of my music on an ongoing basis. Mayfin have helped me to make it a public statement about what I do, showcasing my music through audio and video streaming and downloads and creative use of images, and by building in elements that help my fans to feel involved and connected, like a forum and a blog. I've been impressed by the way Mayfin think both from a website users prespective, with a focus on accessibility and ease of use, and from a website owner's point of view, with an appreciation of exactly what I need my website to do for me as a small business. The design not only looks fantastic but behind the scenes it allows me to update key areas of the site for myself really easily so the site never gets stale. All this from Mayfin as well as excellent customer service and a real sense of care."

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