Mayfin Design

The Centre For Creative Change

The Centre For Creative Change is one of the foremost leadership and personal development coaching organisations in the UK. Penni Blythe-Jones, head of the organisation approached us with a request to update the company's branding, stationery, promotional materials and website.

Penni had the following to say about her experience of working with us:

"Working with Fraser and Mayfin Design has been a journey with the perfect outcome. I have had a company logo for some 6 years and knew it was time for this to evolve – to reflect the evolution of my work. I briefed Fraser at Mayfin (who I found through the recommendation of a client). He provided clear and provoking questions which had me address what I liked/ didn’t like about my (then) current logo and listened patiently to my story of its own evolution and energy (which mattered greatly to me as this provided the ancestral roots to the next!).

His initial designs took me by surprise – of the ‘I never expected that’ kind – which was exactly what I sought. There was then a ‘dance’ where his patience, flexibility, attention to detail and clarity came to the fore as we gradually moved to completion. I felt supported, challenged and ‘met’ in this process (including when we tussled!) – the outcome being a fantastic new logo which takes the company image to a new level and has had a brilliant reception from my clients.

I would recommend Mayfin to anyone seeking that something extra in their design/ presentation."

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